Weird & Wonderful by Various Authors


Helmed by USAT Bestselling Author Caitlyn Lynch, 18 authors explore several lesser-known holidays. Featuring sweet country romance and sex in the big city, there's something for all romance readers. Polar bear plunges. Sexy neighbors. Even a cute shifter or two. This anthology has it all!

Come celebrate the year with us!

The Boy Next Door by Mei Edwards

Jane is supposed to be on vacation. One whole week to relax and unwind, if only she can tear herself away from her work. Fortunately, there’s a distraction over the fence. She hasn’t seen Toby in years, and the connection is immediate. But when push comes to shove, is she willing to take a chance on a holiday romance?


Old friends, playing catch-up after college. One not-yet-lawyer who has trouble putting her work down, the other with an ill-fitting degree looking for a job that fits. Endearingly bad jokes. Both of them are good at being reasonable and respecting each other’s plans regarding their jobs and futures. They do a good job of working things out. -- Mel


This was one of my favorites in this anthology. The leads felt so real and very cute. I loved that it was set in New Zealand and featured a Maori lead. I want more from this author. Five Stars. -- Michelle Louise

Fun, cute and relatable :) -- Olivia

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