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Book Review: Frey

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

It's always a crapshoot when the lead character’s name is also the book title. But the description was good. Really good. Seriously. The author took a masterclass in writing an effective description. And since the price was right at FREE I thought what the hell… let’s check out Frey by Melissa Wright.

I wish I didn’t.

It wasn’t so much that the story was bad. It wasn’t. It was just slower than molasses in January in Alaska.

All of the excitement and tension promised by the description never materialized. In vain, I soldiered my way through the first 25% of the book before I started skimming looking for the action I was sure was to come.

The author spent pages upon pages describing the most mundane things. To her credit, it was pretty description. But the dialogue, when there was dialogue, felt like it came out of an intro to improv class. It was trite. Banal. Disappointing.

It also featured passages upon passages of the protagonist reading a book. Here’s a pro-tip to authors. Don’t do this. It’s a form of filtering and it removes the immediacy from the moment. It’s why letters, songs, etc. often are mentioned and only the relevant parts quoted. If the book is super important, then take a page from David Eddings and put the information in the Prologue.

Worse, the heroine has amnesia. And at one point spends a good chunk of time in a coma… in the book… that’s written in the first person. Yeah…

This book committed the cardinal sin any book can; it bored me. At least with some books, it rounds the bend of bad and falls into the mockable and enjoyable. Think “The Room” only more bad sex and fewer tuxedo-clad football games.

This book didn’t even get that.

The only reason this gets two stars is that some of the writing was good and there was potential. Just not enough to make me buy the next book.

If you really want to get this… It’s still FREE on Amazon.

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