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Book Review: Find Me

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

EDITED 12/27/19 – The author has come out as racist and supporting racism. Because of her stance and treatment of Authors of Color we can no longer endorse this book or her writing.  We are leaving this review in its entirety because we don’t believe in erasing history. But we do believe in taking steps to correct it.

After the previous book I read, I really needed something utterly and completely different to read. I still had a pile of ARCs to go through so I did the tried and true method of “eeny-meeny-miney-moe” and selected this one.

Find Me from Tiffany Snow is the third book in the Corrupted Hearts series. Which is a romantic suspense series of books featuring an interesting heroine and two pretty awesome dudes who are interested in her.

I’ve never read anything by Tiffany Snow before, and I picked the ARC up on a whim. I knew it was the third in a series, but I have a philosophy regarding those… namely you should be able to understand what’s going on without being confused.

I was not disappointed.

China Mack is a computer wunderkind with a very particular way of doing things – she compares herself to Sheldon Cooper from “The Big Bang Theory” at one time. And she’d not wrong. For much of the book she had what I like to call “Hollywood Ambiguous Personality Disorder.” AKA something between Asperger's and OCD but not really either. Later in the book, she identifies that she has OCD and implies that she’s got something else that she’d rather not think about.

As you might expect, I did a quick google and read the Wikipedia page to see if the author did her research. She did. Lots of ticks in the diagnosed but untreated OCD boxes. She also ticks a lot of OCPD boxes and that’s not unsurprising since one often gets diagnosed as the other and are co-morbid in about 50% of the sufferers.

China's got what many woman only dream about. The perfect job (for her). The perfect man (for pretty much anyone). And a perfect life (for her). Except there’s a problem, her one-time partner/UST buddy/and Man with a Dark Past ™, Clark, comes to her seeking her help. His former squad buddies are being killed and worse, he’s been accused of trying to kill the President (cameo appearances from Snow’s Kathleen Turner books apparently). So China and Clark are pitted against time, the U.S. Government, a shady conspiracy, and themselves to find the truth. Oh and did I mention there’s UST? Like Hunger Games and Twilight levels of UST?

Yeah… That level of UST.

So I really liked this book. Seriously. Liked it a lot. Let me break it down in list form Because otherwise I’m going to TL:DR on your ass.

  • Liked – Female Geek not being reviled because she’s a geek.

  • Liked – Sassy Teenage sidekick Mia

  • Liked – Both Love interests. They are both viable choices and represent two different aspects of China’s personality and desires. I’m pretty sure I know who I’d pick… but I’m also willing to bet I know who China will pick in the end.

  • Liked – The pacing. Super intense and fast moving. Felt like a real thriller with callback to the Jason Bourne and Jack Ryan Books.

  • Liked – The characters are not super human.

  • Liked – the editing was good enough that I wasn’t yanked out of the story by grammatical errors.

  • Liked – The foreshadowing. I was able to guess the two biggest plot twists/events about halfway through the book because of the clues the author left. But they weren’t confirmed until later. There’s enough bread crumbs so that the reader can feel like they’re helping solve the mystery, but not so many that the reveal later is a let down. And many readers will miss the signs.

  • Liked – The unreliable narrator. First person is inherently an unreliable narrator, but many authors forget that. I liked that Snow didn’t and that if China didn’t have the information, we didn’t have it either.

But because I’m me… there were things I didn’t like.

  • Disliked – As I stated above, I’m not a huge fan of the ambiguous personality disorder trope. Now I’d like to see it more clearly identified because positive representation of people with Mental Illness and Personality Disorders is rare. And this is a positive representation.

  • Disliked – The random POV switches. I get that China’s POV wouldn’t work. But I’m not sure that the other POV’s were a good choice. Moving from first person into third person is a little jarring.

  • Disliked – The love triangle. I get that it’s the author’s thing. But I personally feel that all love triangles can be solved with healthy polyamory. ~_^ (which should surprise absolutely no one)

In all, I enjoyed this book enough that I’ll check out Snow’s other works (I have the first two books downloaded now). And I’ll definitely recommend it to people who like romantic suspense and will-they/won’t-they love triangles. I give this – Five Stars.

*** I received an ARC of this book through NetGalley

*** We no longer endorse this book as the author has come out as racist.

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