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The Worst Books We Read in 2017

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

For the most part 2017 wasn’t too bad. Of the 50 reviews we did, we liked a lot of what read. However when we read something bad, it was really really bad. Here are our nominees for worst book we read in 2017.



Freedom: Call of the Wild - Book One was a book that started off good and just sort of…died at the end. It really exemplified ways to alienate your readers - aka, sell them a series of 20-30 page “books” for $2.99 apiece. While I liked most of it (which is more than we can say for the other books on this list!), the author’s blatant cash grab completely turned me off the series entirely.



I wanted to like Another Postcard. I really really did. I love musician romances, but this one did everything wrong. From the MMC who decided that sexual harassment was the way to win fair lady to the incorrect and damaging portrayal of someone with Borderline Personality Disorder to the unfortunate implications that the villain of the piece was only ever a woman of color, this book was just bad.



You know a book is bad when you almost throw your iPad across the room instead of finishing it, and that happened when I was reading Peace in the Storm.


From the non-MC POVs to the controlling asshole MMC to the complete ignorance of the way money, libraries, and tenses work, this book was just bad. And that’s not even including the random genetically engineered monkeys that wanted to kill our supposed heroes.

So yeah. Don’t read it. But check out the full review here!



And the winner of the worst book we read this year should really come as no surprise.


This book.

Featuring an author who is as vindictive as Anne Rice with arguably less talent.

We were directed to this book by a reader of our blog, and it is ticks pretty much every OMG!!! WHYY!!!! on the list. There’s slut-shaming, racial slurs, physical violence against women, gaslighting, emotional manipulation, and even dubcon… all of which are committed by the “Hero.” There is so much wrong that it is to-date our longest review.


So there you go, our picks for Worst Book we read this year. We recommend steering clear of these unless you’re looking for a book to spork in which case… spork away!

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