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The Best Books We Read in 2017

Updated: Jan 4, 2020

We reviewed 50 books this year. Not bad, especially since we started in August. And even better, most of them were damned good and we liked them muchly.

Here are our top five books in order.



Cuffed and Dominated was one of the first books I read for our newsletter, and a good one. It’s mostly BDSM erotica with a hint of taboo, and damn is the sex hot. Seriously, read this for the sex alone.



You know a book is good when you get so invested in the characters that you go out and buy all 15 books in the series. Which I did right after finishing Daughter of Time… not going to lie.

I loved Meg and Llewellyn’s story along with the world that Sarah Woodbury created. The history is spot on and the romance is believable. The only reason this doesn’t rank higher is because the story is a clear bittersweet ending.



Sometimes you want a mostly sweet contemporary small town romance, and The Last One fits the bill. From the main characters and their slow-build romance to the side characters and the rest of the town, I really liked this book - enough that I bought the sequel soon after finishing! All in all, it was definitely a great read.



We love soulmate romances, but they’re few and far between in published fiction. Something that is a travesty… so when a good soulmate romance slid across my iPad I lapped it up like a drowning man at an oasis.

Accepting Fate hit all of the right notes. The characters were very strong and free will was never negated. This was a joy to read.



Is it any surprise that a Time Travel Romance is our favorite book of the year? No? I didn’t think so!

Tangled in Time is the kind of unique take on the trope that makes me want more and isn’t just Outlander regurgitated. Its supernatural is founded in science… quantum theory! And the hero has both aspects of alpha and beta males.

I read this book as an ARC, but I’d happily spend money to read it.


So there you go! Our favorite books we read this year. It was hard to choose just five. Seriously… We read a lot of good books!

Here’s hoping 2018 is just as good!

Happy reading!

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