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Book Review: Always For You

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

After reading The Last One and The First One, Maureen was definitely the unattached character I was most interested in seeing a romance for out of all the side characters in those books. And Always For You – Maureen’s book – lived up to what I was expecting.

It’s the story of Maureen, a vet in small-town Georgia, and Smith, her new partner in the business…and the man she’s been in love with since they went to college together. On top of that, he’s renting a room in her house (with a separate entrance, but still). With the job, the friendship, and the living close by, there’s no way for them to avoid realizing their mutual feelings.

Maureen is the type of character who’s easy to connect to: self-assured when it comes to her job, but far less so when it comes to romance. I definitely related to her and wanted her to be happy.

Add in the unrequited love she’s had for Smith for a full decade, and things get interesting… especially when it turns out he’s loved her for just as long.

I liked him, too – he was sweet, he was friendly, he did his best to fit in. All the things I like in romance heroes.

With a nice small town feel, a great cast of characters, and some nice romantic sex, this book hit every one of my needs. All in all, this was a super sweet but still sexy book about a great couple – and definitely the one I wanted to read about!

While you don’t have to buy the other books in the series to enjoy this one, I’ve liked three of them so far, so…I can generally recommend it as a series that’s worth reading.

Therefore, it definitely gets

Five Stars

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