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Book Review: On Pointe

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

I picked up On Pointe a few weeks ago, and I have to say I’m glad I did.

It’s the story of Bina, who works at her mother’s performance academy, and Maurice (aka Mo), a former student who comes back to teach a new hip-hop dance class.

Bina and Mo had serious chemistry. It was clear that both of them wanted each other even though neither of them was sure they were ready for a relationship – considering they’d both just gotten away from bad relationships with people who cheated on him. (Let me tell you, Bina’s reactions to her ex are great.)

Plus, there was the age difference and the power difference, and the fact that at one point she’d been his dance teacher.

But the author dealt with the power differential well. Nothing happened until they were both consenting adults… or this book would have gotten a much lower rating. As it was, their interest was palpable, and I definitely got the feeling that in this world, true love conquers all.

Despite everything working against them, they needed each other, and it showed. And it led to some super hot sex, and you can’t go wrong with that!

I adored Bina and her willingness to stand by her convictions. Mo was sweet and sexy and funny – everything I like in a male romance lead.

The side characters (particularly her mother and her best friend) were great, and while his closest friend wasn’t exactly great, he was still a character with depth. There were multiple motivations, but it all felt real.

All in all, it was good enough that I’m off to buy the next one in the series!

Therefore it gets

Five Stars

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