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Book Review: Ark

At the end of Earth, a team of scientists catalog the plants of the earth and decide what to take with them and what to leave. While doing this, Samantha strikes up a friendship with Dr. Hagan and basically discovers the joy of orchids while reminiscing about their lives.

This first entry into the Forward collection didn’t jive for me. I like my sci-fi to be hopeful, even if the path to get there is dark. This isn’t. There’s a heaviness to this story. A weight. For some it might be comforting, but for me it was just there. It’s very literary in a way that reminds me of high school. You know, the stories that your teacher made you read that you wondered why people found so good. The story is disjointed and nonlinear, which is fine. I don’t dislike that kind of storytelling, but it doesn’t really feel like it goes anywhere. There’s no point, and maybe that was the point of the story, but like I said it doesn’t jive with me.

There’s a lot of navel gazing. And I’m not a fan of that. There’s a fine line of where internal monologue starts to become just too much and this overstepped that. This is well written, and there’s some beautiful prose. But this is not the story for me. Three stars.

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