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Book Review: London Calling

Thirty-something Jess is in a rut. Fresh out of a relationship, she returns home from Australia to take up residence in her parents’ spare bedroom. She feels like a failure.

Until she meets Kate. A lighthearted, younger woman who sends shivers down her spine.

I tried to get into this book. I really did. But this book dragged. Not only was the writing style repetitive. But so were the actions. Jess kept going out for drinks with people and… Honestly were we supposed to like her? I certainly didn’t.

She wasn’t likeable or relatable. And I didn’t care what happened with her. Worse, the first part of the book was essentially all flashbacks and infodump. Like so much infodump. Seriously. All the infodump. I kept feeling like the author was like “here you go! You need to know all the things I know!” and just shoveled it on until it overflowed.

The story needed an editor. And not just a content or line editor. But a simple copy editor. The editing was so lacking. Whoever the author hired as a copy editor really needs to bone up on their punctuation for both dependent and independent clauses, I’m just saying… It was bad. Really bad.

And the bigger problem is that I know that this is legitimately published by a publishing house who has editors. There’s really no excuse other than maybe it’s an in-house rule to ignore basic grammar. But honestly, I think it’s just that shoddy.

On the plus side, the cover is super cute, and its why I bought the book. This is a cute vector cover that is adorable. A+ cover design. But because I couldn’t bear to finish this book and DNF’ed at the 30% mark, you know what that means:

One Star.

If this is your jam, you can get it here.

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