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Book Review: The Duke Who Came to Town

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Josephine is struggling to make it after her mother died and her father squandered away their fortune before succumbing himself. Josephine has taken it upon herself to care for her two sisters by becoming an accountant at hotel while her two other sisters Louise and Eve have gone their own separate ways (in two previous books). The owner of the hotel is our hero, Devon, who in true Regency Fashion is a Duke. Because it’s not a Regency series unless there’s at least a Duke or three.  From there the two clash and crash into each other in good ol’ slap-slap-kiss!Fashion.

There’s an art to writing good, satisfying novellas. They have to tell a full and complete story in less words than a novel while not leaving the reader feeling cheated. And for the most part this book succeeded. The problem is that this book assumes you have read the other two and so leaves things out that would add to the narrative.

I liked the idea of Josephine working for a living quite a bit. The problem is that there had to be some suspension of disbelief to Devon had depths to him, I just wanted more. There were hints there, like the hotel plot, but there wasn’t enough follow through. It got wrapped up too easily and I wished that the author had devoted a few thousand more words to it.

Also, despite this being a Christmas Romance, I felt like the holiday was very tacked on and not really relevant to the story.

And because of that I can only give this four stars.

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