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Book Review: Won by the Three Satyrs

Discarded and disgraced, Melis is forced from her home. Exiled. Forgotten. With an array of crappy choices in front of her, Melis picks the least worst: entering the Temple of Lillith and offering herself up as companion and concubine to some of the most powerful beings in the land… beings which include three satyr brothers looking for someone to share their life with and who would be willing to share them.

Sometimes all you want is pure escapism. Won by the Three Satyrs is that. While there is a paper thin plot, that plot is very well executed. I understood the characters' motivations and rationales, but I didn’t feel like it was infodump.

Even better, this book was super big into consent. Like so big into consent. Especially considering that there’s the whole “auctioned off bride” trope in play, there’s still a crapton of agency.  Melis has choices. She can say no. She actually does say no at one point. Which if you know anything about me, you know is my kryptonite.

This is the kind of reverse harem that I could really be into. There’s moments where the characters check in with each other. There’s moments of sweetness. There’s even some tension.

This is a nice sexy novella that sets the mood for the rest of the series. And even better, it’s Free!

Five stars.

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