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New Year’s Goals 2020

We’ve been discussing our goals for 2020, and here’s what we’ve come up with!

  • Finish Writing A Case of the Mondays, which has been our next project for a solid year or so now (Bonus goals: edit, work on sequels)

  • Figure out a reader magnet

  • Finish a book in one of the other series we want to get working on (Bonus goals: more than one book)

  • Expand, edit, and publish A Holiday (or Two) to Remember (Bonus goal: work on John and Eli’s books)

  • Edit an old fanfic into sellable form

  • Figure out a store on our website

  • Figure out something fun for our website

  • At least two Marketing Matters posts

  • At least two Jewish posts

  • Lark finishes one solo story

  • Rose finishes one solo story

  • Lark reads 26 books

  • Rose reads 26 books

We will keep you updated as we actually get this stuff done!

What are your writing/publishing/reading goals?

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