Vic's Tasty Treat by Christina Rose Andrews

After a bad break up, Paige was ready for a new beginning.  She never expected that beginning would come in the form of her new neighbor's blazing hot son, Vic, who was volun-told to help her prepare for the neighborhood Halloween extravaganza.    

Vic was everything a red-blooded woman could want: smart, sweet, sexy. And ten years younger than her. Paige longed to make her Vic-filled fantasies a reality, but if that happens... what then?  Especially when something unexpected happens to threaten her newfound happiness.

How can you not root for a character that honest, that real? Paige absolutely deserved Vic, who was pretty much the perfect man, and the ending of the story was fantastically satisfying. Overall, the only quibble I had with the story was that I wanted it to be twice as long! -- Brutally Honest Reviews

Paige is a delightful protagonist full of inner snark and outer composure (except in the face of her amazingly sweet, incredibly hot neighbor Vic-- can you blame her?) And shoutout to the nerdy girls! Paige is geek, and her references made me giggle every time. It's not often you read a story full of hot smut that ALSO has characters you'd like to hang out with-- sign me up for the next available house in the neighborhood, please. -- Regina V. Griffiths

Vanessa's Winter Romance by Christina Rose Andrews

Vanessa Adeniyi's eyes have always been on the prize: graduating summa cum laude from Harvard, a prestigious career in a top-tier law firm, making partner before the age of 35. Romance has simply never entered into the equation. Not that she was against the prospect, but finding a guy who could understand her drive and need to succeed took time. Time she didn't have. She barely even had time to eat, let alone look for a guy.

Thank the stars for her best friend and roommate, Oz. Oscar 'Oz' Olviedo-Zamora is everything Vanessa would want in a guy. Smart. Funny. Sweet. Great cook. Even greater body. And even better he gets her. Gets her need to succeed, because he has his own goals too. He was the perfect friend. 

And now he wants to be the perfect boyfriend. 

To her. 

Wait, what?

When did this happen? And will their friendship survive the relationship upgrade?

I really like this take on roommates to lovers. Vanessa is a strong woman who knows what she wants she’s very alpha and that’s a rarity and romance. -- Michelle Louise


Val's Secret Valentine by Christina Rose Andrews




Esme Archer's life is all of those things until a good deed goes horribly right. Or wrong. Whoever thought that shoveling her neighbor's sidewalk would land her in so much trouble? Cupid has to be laughing at her. 

Now she finds herself inexplicably tangled up in injured pro football player Val Adeniyi's life and heart. He's everything she could want in a guy: family-oriented, compassionate, built. Did she mention built? She should mention built. But even better than his admittedly fabulous good looks is his heart. He's the kind of guy she wants to spend her days curled up with and her nights curled around. And then there's his adorable ball of fluff kitten. She can't decide which one she wants to snuggle with first...

Unfortunately there’s one tiny problem: he hasn’t told anyone about her. Not his family. Not his teammates. No one. He claims it's for the best. But is the perfect man setting them both up for the perfect storm? / © 2017 by RoseLark Publishing. Created with Privacy Policy. RoseLark Publishing is a participant in the Amazon Affiliates Program.