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Editing Services

Our editing team includes editors with degrees in History, Earth Science, Education, Religion, Psychology, and Library Science. With between ten and twenty years of professional editing under their belts, they are well-qualified to edit anything you throw their way.

>  Book Doctoring ($22-32/1000 words, 5000 word minimum, includes one two-hour-long video/voice call*)

This is a deep edit, which will focus on characterization, plot, structure, and pacing, as well as the overall writing skill. This is a mentoring process and will help you, as an author, become a better writer.  With book doctoring, there will often be several exchanges regarding rewrites and edits.  Our book doctor is a professionally-published author who has been working as an editor since the 1990s, as well as a ghostwriter.  Includes sensitivity editing. 

>  Content Editing ($14-19/1000 words*)

Content editing is tweaking, rewriting, reordering, or cutting scenes, pages, and paragraphs.  This is for manuscripts which do not need major book doctoring, but more fine-tuning.  Content editing focuses on characterization and character arcs, finding and plugging plot holes, pacing, and relevance.  Content editing also focuses on POV, fact-checking, loose threads or red herrings, and world-building.  We will make sure your story is accurate to your location/time period. This is not for your first draft.  This is for when the book has gone through a few edits and is closer to being submitted for publication or agent approval.  Includes sensitivity editing.  Includes a spelling and grammar edit and very basic line edit.


>  Line Editing ($8-12/1000 words*)

Now that you've got the plot done, it's time to work on the style.  This works on such things as creating stronger writing, removing awkward phrasing and overused words, showing vs. telling, eliminating clichés, and spicing up or toning down sex scenes/action scenes.  Includes a spelling and grammar edit.

>  Copy Editing/Proofreading ($4-6/1000 words*)

This is your spelling, punctuation, and grammar edit.  This addresses correctness and consistency, including timeline consistency, real world consistency (aka pregnancy, school years), and minor fact-checking.

>  Sensitivity Editing ($2-3/1000 words*)

We will read through your manuscript and look for problematic tropes, including racism, prejudice, sexism, religious intolerance, homophobia, transphobia, unintentional dubious consent/noncon, and ableism.  We have editors from a variety of races, religions, genders, sexualities, countries, and backgrounds.  Contact us and we'll let you know if we can do a good sensitivity edit of your work.

>  Manuscript Assessment ($25 minimum, $1/1000 words over 25,000*)

This service includes two to three pages of feedback on what we liked, what we didn't like, where we wanted more, where we skimmed, and if we would buy the book.

*Depending on how fast you want the manuscript edited, there may be a rush fee of an additional 25%.

All services (except for the Sensitivity Editing and the Manuscript Assessment) include one spot-check of very basic errors.  We prefer to work in Google Docs suggesting mode, but can and will use Microsoft Words track changes.

Most services start with a sample edit so that you can decide if you want to use our services. We require a sample range of 750 to 1500 words.  When we read your sample, we will let you know where you fall in the price range. This does not apply to Manuscript Assessments or works under 5000 words.

We use the Chicago Manual of Style for editing with the addition of the Oxford comma.  When it comes to correct spelling, we use the Merriam-Webster dictionary for American spellings.  For British spellings, we use the Oxford English Dictionary.

All edited books will be spotlighted on our website.

Prices updated as of 5/21/22.

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