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Heat Rating: 3.5
Relationship Type: M/F 
Major Trigger Warnings: None

While we have done our best to list major triggers, we know that there is no all inclusive list. If you have a trigger and would like to know if this story contains your trigger, please ask us and we'll be happy to let you know!

A Holiday (or Two) to Remember 

by Christina Rose Andrews

In order to climb Mauna Kea, Grace needs to work on her endurance. Like, a lot. So what better place to do that than her neighborhood gym?

Unfortunately there’s a not-so-small problem standing, or rather sitting, in her way.

A problem in the shape of one of the hottest guys Grace has ever seen. He’s got abs, arms, and the scariest resting murder face this side of the Terminator. Everyone in the gym avoids him. Do they know something she doesn't? But unless she wants to face the snow and ice-filled Brooklyn streets, the only treadmill is right... next... to... him!

Is Grace woman enough to overcome her trepidations? And is her new gym partner secretly an assassin in disguise?

This steamy romantic comedy features a self-confident heroine with curves, a complete cinnamon roll, lots of unusual holidays, and a HEA.

Fun and sexy. Loved the "murder face" description for Rick. The dialog was snappy and the characters were interesting. Open implied happy ending , leaving the reader to use their imagination. I liked that aspect of the story a lot. Fun read. -- Amazon Customer

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