A Holiday (or Two) to Remember byy Christina Rose Andrews


In order to climb Mauna Kea, Grace needs to work on her endurance. Like, a lot. So what better place to do that than her neighborhood gym?

Unfortunately there’s a not-so-small problem standing, or rather sitting, in her way.

A problem in the shape of one of the hottest guys Grace has ever seen. He’s got abs, arms, and the scariest resting murder face this side of the Terminator. Everyone in the gym avoids him. Do they know something she doesn't? But unless she wants to face the snow and ice-filled Brooklyn streets, the only treadmill is right... next... to... him!

Is Grace woman enough to overcome her trepidations? And is her new gym partner secretly an assassin in disguise?

This steamy romantic comedy features a self-confident heroine with curves, a complete cinnamon roll, lots of unusual holidays, and a HEA.

The "Research" Trip by Christina Rose Andrews


Conventions in Hawaii were supposed to be business mixed with fun. It's why commercial real estate broker, Serena Khan, and her romance novelist husband, Frank Elliott, decided to attend one at the Seaside Villa Resort. Unfortunately, Serena's trip has been all work with no play. And worse, the Seaside Villa Resort is nothing of the kind. Luckily she's got a husband who knows just what to do to make their Hawaiian vacation a whole lot more memorable. And a lot more fun! 

This is a short story with an established couple featuring light bondage and food play with a happy ending. 

Sweet and sexy story about a couple reconnecting after a busy conference. -- Stevie Carroll

The Best Worst Valentine's Day Ever by Christina Rose Andrews


Getting dumped on Valentine's Day sucks. Just ask Lexi.

After her boyfriend dumps her via text message, all Lexi Pham wants to do is go home, curl up with some ice cream, and wallow in her misery. Too bad her roommate had other plans. Now Lexi's sexiled -- locked out of her apartment while her roommate celebrates Valentine's Day with her boyfriend... make that loudly celebrates Valentine's Day. Ugh!

Enter Nate Dawson, her hunky neighbor, and his cute dog, Titania. Nate offers her a safe haven and no-strings attached dinner while she waits out her sexile. Except Lexi would totally be down for some strings. Or at least some holiday funtimes. Now she just needs to convince the hottie-down-the-hall she's serious.

This is a steamy short story with a happy ending.

The chemistry between Lexi and Nate was magnetic, with their personalities shining through every interaction. I love stories where women are assertive in their wants and desires and where men are sensitive and compassionate while also being a great lover. This story has all of this, and I highly recommend it. If the author wants to eventually make this into a longer work (hint, hint), I would be very happy! -- Michelle G.

This story is heartwarming and endearing. The characters are so well written and believable I could not put this book down and I read it in one sitting. I will read it again. This author has definitely got a new fan.
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