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The Language of Flowers by Christina Rose Andrews


Afghanistan vet and new teacher, Cole Visser, never expected to find himself teaching at his old high school. But when his father developed cancer, Cole knew his duty. Family comes first. Which is why when he runs into his old college girlfriend, Zara, and her cute-as-a-button daughter, Angelica, Cole’s life turns on its head. How is he going to reconcile his feelings for the one who got away while trying to build a relationship with his newly discovered daughter?

The Language Of Flowers is so much more than just a love story; it's an inspiring tale of second chances and forgiven slights, of two people with major traumas in their pasts finally finding their peace in one another without some 'magical cure'.   -- Brutally Honest Reviews

What makes this novel stand apart is the way in which it bends what is considered characteristic of romance writing. It's a strong debut novel and I'm looking forward to seeing what else they come up with.  -- C.T. Alessandro

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