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Leslie Bond

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Author Bio

Leslie Bond grew up in the Midwest and hit up both coasts before settling in North Carolina with her husband and two house panthers—Frodo is The Smart One, and Flash is The Sweet One. When she's not writing steamy M/M romance, she can be found kayaking, making wine and mead, working her way through her To-Be-Read pile, or deep into a Netflix binge. Her best frivolous life advice is to always add a pinch of cayenne pepper to a peach pie.


Short Stories

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Easy as Pi by Leslie Bond

It's Pi Day! And at Te Amo Bakery that means pies. Lots of pies. Stacks and stacks of pies. Cassidy Fitzgerald hasn't been working at his boyfriend's bakery for long, and he's stuck on pie duty. The pile of pie orders is daunting, and he's definitely not looking forward to his aching shoulders at the end of the day. Worse, there's trouble brewing behind the scenes.

Roberto "Bobby" Santiago Perez recently took over running his family's floundering bakery. Bobby's had to make some changes to turn a profit -- like grabbing a slice of that sweet Pi Day action. And with the help of his boyfriend, Cassidy, it's worked! The problem? His big brother's back in town and on the attack, insisting that things go back to the way they were -- and that includes ditching Cassidy.

Can Cass conquer self-doubt and a mountain of pie crust? And can Bobby change his brother's mind before the battle claims more than just a few flung flans?

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Weird & Wonderful by Various Authors


Helmed by USAT Bestselling Author Caitlyn Lynch, 18 authors explore several lesser-known holidays. Featuring sweet country romance and sex in the big city, there's something for all romance readers. Polar bear plunges. Sexy neighbors. Even a cute shifter or two. This anthology has it all!

Come celebrate the year with us!

Easy as Pi by Leslie Bond

It’s Pi Day, and someone’s got to make all those pies. That someone is Cassidy, working at his boyfriend Bobby’s family bakery. The pressure of being an outsider is bad enough, but having to make dozens of perfect pies is enough to turn Cassidy’s body into one big knot. It’s a good thing Bobby’s there to help relieve all that tension...

The organizing theme - that of unconventional holidays - is a unique one and results in some interesting entries. For example, there is one of my favorite days, Pi Day, offered as the context for a lovely m/m romance. -- Sera Taíno

A look into the mind of someone with some struggles, and how both characters support each other. Very good at communication, and being mindful not to push too far. Certainly made me hungry, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. -- Mel

This is an adorably hot gay/bisexual romance. Can I put in an order for a massage from a hot Mexican baker please? Five Stars -- Michelle Louise

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