Taking the Plunge by Shoshana David


January First is Neve’s favorite holiday. Not because of the new year but because it’s City Island’s annual Polar Bear Plunge. She expected the usual day: an icy swim in Long Island Sound, a beach party, and a long hot shower. She definitely didn’t expect her neighbor’s visiting friend to be as hot as he is. But is that all there is?

Will Neve be able to act on her attraction?

Or will she be stuck out in the cold?


Eight Secret Nights by Shoshana David


Someone’s been leaving Hanukkah presents on Mara’s doorstep. 

Sweet presents. 

Thoughtful presents. 

Mara never gets presents. After all, this is New York. No one leaves anything on your doorstep unless it's an eviction notice. And the gifts definitely aren't that. 

Who can her secret admirer be? Her best friend? Her family? The cute guy who just moved in next door? The creep from 7A? Please, dear God, not the last one! Either way, this Hanukkah will be one Mara will be sure never to forget. 

This is a standalone novella that is complete with a happy for now ending. No cliffhangers here. 

I’d love to read more of Mara and Evan together - Evan’s family’s Ugly Christmas Sweater competition sounds like a blast - and I’d be delighted to read more by this new author who writes with such an authentic New Yorker Jewish voice. Five stars for a fantastic short read. -- Brutally Honest Reviews

I really want to see how this author develops, though, especially if she continues to draw on her own traditions and experiences to bring us thoroughly modern, but also slightly different to the usual, heroines in her future writing. -- Stevie Carroll

I couldn’t put this book down. Well that’s true with just about any good read. But this book made me remember our first Hanukkah’s, 25 plus years ago, and the following interactions during the various religious holidays of both our faiths. -- Debra Rodriguez

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