Yearning by Siobhan Kearney


When Rachel Bradbury died, she was forced to watch everything she cared for decay or drift away. But when hunky landscaper Ian Waterhouse arrives to clean up the place, they establish a connection. Against all odds, the ghost and the gardener fall in love. Can the two find a way to make it work even though they can’t even touch?

From the first moment, I wanted Rachel to find some happiness, companionship, and love in her afterlife, and I found this to be a delightfully sweet romance! -- Rebecca Rodgers

I enjoyed this paranormal short read. The characters were very likable and the pace was great. -- The Celtic Rebel

The Guardian by Siobhan Kearney


A chance encounter.

A runaway dog.

A hidden graveyard.

And a sexy guardian.

A simple afternoon stroll turns Phoebe's life upside down when her dog, Fallon, escapes. A breathless chase leads her straight into Edward's strong arms... and his purpose. Will Phoebe be able to protect her heart while Edward protects his charges?

For a 63-page novella, The Guardian packs one hell of a punch. Full of lush, evocative prose, this story really carries you away.  I won’t spoil the ending for you, but this IS a romance, and I promise you won’t be disappointed! Five stars for a quick but enormously satisfying read. -- Brutally Honest Reviews

 I felt swept away by the connection between Phoebe and Edward, which felt so spontaneous and so genuine as she gradually fell for him. -- Rebecca Rodgers / © 2017 by RoseLark Publishing.  Privacy Policy.  Proudly created with