V.T. Charbonneau

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Author Bio

A born-and-raised California girl, V. T. Charbonneau's favorite word growing up was "dangerous." Thirty years later she's still rocking that West Coast life. Dangerous remains her favorite word, but she's learned a few more in the meantime. She uses them to write steamy fiction with hot guys, smart girls, and a touch of romance.

Short Stories

VT - Midnight Masquerade - Fullsize.jpg

Midnight Masquerade by V. T. Charbonneau

A Comic Book Artist and Musician...

Her Beach-Cutie Crush...

A Halloween Party...

And a Spell Gone Wrong...

Welcome to the Midnight Masquerade!

When Max left home Halloween night, she expected to do a little busking down by the beach. Maybe make a few dollars. See a few awesome costumes... and maybe, just maybe, work up the courage to ask her celebrity-lookalike crush out. To help boost her confidence, she even dressed up as her comic book demon-hunting creation. She expected to get a few compliments; she never expected she'd literally become the character.

But when a spell goes awry turning people into their costumes and bringing Halloween decorations to life, it's up to Max and her crush, Theo, to uncover what's going on.

It's a night of surprises, both good and bad. But with Theo there, Max is sure to come out on top!

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