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Writing Jewish Characters - A New Series

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

So, after I reblogged this post on my personal tumblr and @backwardsandinhighheels​ asked a question that led to a very long post, Lark and I talked and she suggested that I write a bit more about writing Jewish characters -- especially once I mentioned that I’d definitely forgotten a bunch of things.

While that post was geared toward Darcylanders in the MCU fandom, this series will be geared toward everyone. I plan to discuss a range of Judaic practices, from Orthodox Jews to people who are culturally Jewish but not at all observant. I will discuss Judaism from birth through death. I will be concentrating on modern America, centered in the northeast (especially NYC), because that’s what I’m familiar with. If I know how something is done elsewhere or was done historically, I may discuss it, but expect this to be US-centric. In fact, to some degree, expect it to be me-centric; I’ll be talking about my personal observances quite a bit, if only for examples.

I hope this guide will be useful to anyone wanting to write Jewish characters, whether fanfiction or original!

I’ll be linking to all the posts here once they’re up. Enjoy. :)

- Rose

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