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Book Review: Synchronicity

This is it.

The time is now. The Olympics are on and Tyler and Aidan are poised to medal in the synchronized diving event. But there’s a tension between them that’s throwing off their synchronization. Can they clear the distance between them so that they can truly reach… synchronicity.

I read this novella a while ago and it still has stuck with me. It’s told in a non-linear fashion and it’s clear the author did the research on diving in it. It’s a an incredibly well written story that nails the difficulty of being an Olympic level athlete as well as the absolute incestuousness of high-level sport. Everyone knows everyone and there is a lot of dating. I mean, just consider that several games ran out of condoms because all of the athletes are boning. LOL

I absolutely enjoyed Tyler and Aidan's romantic journey and I found myself rooting along with the crowd for them. They are a pretty stereotypical characterization, but they were written well. I particularly appreciated that it was a Canadian and not an American team. This is a great male/male romance. Five Stars

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