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On Rape Culture

Updated: Jul 2, 2020


Fiction writers of the world, let me let you in on a little dose of truth.

Your female characters don’t owe your male characters anything. It doesn’t matter if they’re nice. Or perfect. Or bought her a house. Or took a bullet for her. SHE DOESN’T OWE HIM ANYTHING! Particularly not sex. Sometimes, not even a thank you (if she didn’t ask for the thing or want the thing, she has no obligation of accepting, liking, or saying thank you for the thing). This whole “But the male character sacrificed so much for the female character, she must give him something!”… particularly her body/love… is toxic as fuck.

It promotes Nice Guy™ culture and Rape Culture.

So let me say it again for those people in the back: Your female characters don’t owe your male characters anything!

P.S. the reverse is also true. As is any permutation of sexualities, genders, or orientations. Your characters don’t owe your other characters anything, especially their bodies or love.

P.P.S. This also applies to fandom.

And it should go without saying that this applies in Real Life™.

If someone does something nice for you, you don’t owe them sex, your body, or anything other than a thank you (and sometimes not even that). Your body, your rules. And anyone who doesn’t respect that is not worth your time.

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