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Book Review: To Love Again

Updated: Dec 18, 2021

So I recently read To Love Again, and I liked it quite a lot. It’s the story of Bethany, a single mom whose husband died a few years ago, and Jeremy, who also happens to have been friends with Shane, the husband.

Let’s start with the good!

I absolutely loved that Jeremy asked for advice and actually listened to it!

Not only did he ask his male friends for advice and then listen to it, he also listened when Kari, a woman, told him that doing something would upset Bethany.

I also really loved the kids. Bethany has two of them and a dead husband, and that’s not an easy situation when getting into a new romance. The girls, Harper and Kristin, were wonderful. And in particular, I liked that their reactions to their mother starting to date were different. Because kids don’t always react well - and I can say that with authority, as a child of a dead father and a mother who later remarried.

They weren’t saccharine or too cutesy, they were real kids. Honestly, Harper may have been my favorite character in the entire book.

Also on the good side were the friendships.

Both Jeremy and Bethany had friends and family outside of each other, and Bethany’s friends in particular played a huge role, in a good way. No one lives in a vacuum, so that was excellent.

Another thing I liked was the treatment of PTSD. You don’t come back from a war zone without at least some nightmares, and the issue was handled both respectfully and well.

My one quibble with the book was that it needed a better proofreader. There were too many small errors, including missing words, wrong words, and some weird unnecessary POV changes, for me to not notice them.

But all in all it was an excellent sweet romance, and I can very much recommend it. Four stars.

If you’re interested in getting To Love Again, you can find it here.

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