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Book Review: The Conduit

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

Celeste Garrett doesn’t want much out of life: a boyfriend, getting into a good school, some peace and quiet. Unfortunately due to an ancient pact and a runaway spirit, she’s not going to get that. Instead, she discovers that both she and her two younger siblings have a destiny. A higher calling. And here she just wanted to get with the cute cameraman for a little summer fling.

Celeste is a very normal girl with normal concerns and a totally abnormal destiny. Like a lot of YA books, the author goes out of her way to stress the normality. Which is both a good thing and a bad thing. Good because the characters feel real. Bad because it goes on a little too long.

That being said I liked Celeste. Her internal monologue is an interesting mix of Buffy, Katniss, and Merry Gentry. It works. There are some lines that I straight out adored.



Where the book fails is in the exposition. The middle drags. It’s filled with all of the YA tropes I’ve come to hate complete with an obligatory training session and mystic destiny reveal. It could have been tighter and more spread out and I think it would have worked better. However, the main story and characters make up for it. I’ll likely check out the next book in this series and see if the potential continues Once I make it through my TBR pile. A solid four stars.

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