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Book Review: That Kind of Love

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

That Kind of Love is a mostly great book with a few small flaws.

Imani, the MFC, was flat out my favorite character, even if the cover image kept throwing me for a loop (she’s described as being Black with natural hair and as you can see, the cover definitely doesn’t match that - and yes, I get that it’s hard to find good cover images of interracial romances, but it still jarred me). But apart from the confusing description, I really liked her - her drive, her impostor syndrome, her friendships (especially with her best friend). Basically, she was awesome.

One more minor quibble: her last name changed partway through the book, which really confused the hell out of me. Just…don’t do that, authors.

Lars, the MMC, was less to my taste, but I’ll admit I’m super picky about male characters in general. He was just a little too much of a jerk at the beginning of the story, and that always turns me off a little. I did like that he had enough drive and plans for his life that he wasn’t going to give into a stupid “get married or lose your inheritance” rule without making efforts to build his own life, but he was kind of an ass about it.

But at least he redeemed himself! He learned from his mistakes! And, even more, there was a very clear moment where Imani couldn’t consent and Lars told her no even though he wanted her and she ostensibly wanted him. Consent is good. Consent makes me happy. Include clear consent and I will up my rating of your book.

Definitely worth reading, though.

And so I give it

Five Stars

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