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Book Review: Caribbean Caress

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

While I liked the idea behind Caribbean Caress - Saskia and Joe connecting when she returned to Anguilla to visit her father - I did not like the execution as much as I wanted to.

I liked Saskia a lot.

I did not like Joe at all. (Notice a pattern? Yeah, I’ve got high standards for MMCs, but more authors should be able to meet them.)

My issues with Joe were that he basically hid everything from Saskia. I’ll admit that he was right that her father should have told her about his money issues before the book even started, but once they were stuck together with her dad gone for the few days, trying to keep it all a secret…well, it was never going to end well. Also, he treated Saskia like she was there to take advantage of her dad, even though he knew her dad hadn’t told her anything. Dude, just because the mom asked for money doesn’t mean the daughter is going to, and you can’t blame both the mom and the daughter for asking for money if they don’t know Dad is broke!


The book was also super rushed.

At only 114 pages and covering only a few days, it simply wasn’t long enough. The whole relationship could’ve used more buildup, and Saskia definitely needed more time to accept the men’s apology for hiding stuff from her. It really needed another 100 pages to work.

And a small quibble: Saskia’s last name in the book is Vanderbrogen. In the Amazon summary, it is Vandroegenberg. I notified the author of this over two months ago and it hasn’t been changed.

Look, I get typos, but get your summary as good as possible! It’s what sells your books!

So yeah.

While I liked parts of the book, on the whole it was very meh, and thus I’m giving it

Three Stars

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