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Book Review: Hyperbole and a Half

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

I know this is different from our normal fare. But sometimes you need a break from the norm. Hyperbole and a Half by Allie Brosh is just that.

I first came across her blog several years ago when a friend linked me to her post about her dog. I was immediately hooked by her conversational style and whimsical art (which is a lot more difficult to pull off than you might think). Brosh’s stories are relateable, funny, and oftentimes hit really close to home. She unflinchingly talks about many “taboo” subjects including her ongoing problems with various mental illnesses.

It’s also the kind of book you want to read out loud to people. When I first checked this book out, I ended up reading many stories to my parents while we were on our way to my cousin’s funeral. It had the right amount of irreverence but heart to help our family through that difficult time.

I highly recommend you check this out. The book contains some stories from her blog but over half of the book is new content.

You will not be disappointed.

Five Stars

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