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Book Review: Marriage of Convenience

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

I read Marriage of Convenience a few weeks back and the best I can say for it is meh.

It wasn’t terribly written and didn’t have a lot of actual errors.

That’s…most of the positives.

Sarah, the MFC, was a very weak character. She just…didn’t have much of a personality.

Dan, the MMC, did. But he was also just…illogical.

Like, dude, I get that you’re trying to stop rumors that you’re gay. But getting married super fast to a woman you just met…

Yeah, that’s totally going to get rid of the rumors.

Especially when you pick someone as unsuited to being a political wife as a poor unmarried single mother from a bad part of town. I just…why? Why her?

Also he kept not keeping to his plan, pretty much because he was too attracted to Sarah. Which was sweet but also a little creepy.

Also there were random time jumps.

Which were annoying but not the end of the world.

On to my major issue!

AKA the end plot.

Look, if Cole (the asshole baby daddy) or his father wanted custody of Sarah’s kids, it wouldn’t exactly have been hard for them to do. They could’ve easily presented Sarah as an unfit mother in the very first scene of the book instead of disavowing all knowledge of her. Like, seriously, they had money and power; they could’ve easily gotten the kids.

But instead they waited until…I don’t know why, but it involved possibly staging a fight, putting Sarah in jail, and then pretty much stealing the kids.

Like…dude, I don’t get it. There was just no logic.

And then it wasn’t even resolved!


So yeah. Too much bad.

Therefore, I am rating it:

One Star

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