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Book Review: The Seduction of Lord Stone

Updated: May 4, 2020

How do you solve the problem of crappy endings? How do you find an author and pin them down? How do you solve the problem of crappy endings? Foreshadowing. Character Building. A Plot!

Okay random Sound of Music parodies aside, The Seduction of Lord Stone suffers from what I like to call WTF-Ending-itis. It was a great book up until it ended… and it ended in such a way that I got incredibly angry.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

After a soul crushingly boring marriage, widowed Caroline Beaumont wants some excitement and she isn’t going to get it in the arms of her best friend’s brother, Silas. Silas wasn’t looking for love, he liked living the life of a rake. Too bad Caroline stole his heart. Now he needs to convince her he’s just what she needs. So… I loved the characters. Truly loved them. The banter was awesome and had a whole Moonlighting vibe. The sex was lovely and the author is an artist when it comes to describing kisses. Seriously. Each kiss was something of beauty. I wanted to figure out how the author did it and download the information into my brain.

The problem was the ending. Oh it’s ostensibly a happy ever after, but it is so rushed and makes me feel like the author ran out of time and picked a “good enough” spot and tacked on a paragraph to wrap things up. The sex was rushed. The plots weren’t really wrapped up given the build-up. And seriously… when everything that happens in the story can be dealt with in literally one paragraph, there’s a problem.

If I didn’t like my iPad it would have been thrown across the room. As it was, I felt so angry and cheated that I wanted to rant. Even now, writing this review, I want to rant.

The ending is that bad. If the ending had been even the least bit satisfactory, this would have gotten five stars. As it stands, though, I can only give it:

Two stars

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