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Book Review: Yellowstone Heart Song

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Yellowstone Heart Song is the kind of time travel romance I am here for. It hits all of the right notes with me. Modern person thinking they know it all but learning a thing or two. Impeccable research and even a postscript that acknowledges when and where the author took liberties. Native American culture being portrayed well. So many good things.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

When Aimee comes to in the middle of a forest she doesn’t quite believe it. The old homeless man was right, he could send people back in time to 1810 Yellowstone. Aimee’s always loved roughing it and hiking. So she’s going to enjoy this… except she was overconfident. Forgot that she couldn’t just call the park rangers for help. Forgot just how unforgiving nature can be. She’s rescued by Daniel Osbourne (Yes, I giggled at the name… I am a Buffy fan) – the old man’s son. Now she’s got to keep her secret and her heart. Except she finds herself drawn to Daniel and Yellowstone itself.

I love time travel stories. They are my Kryptonite. My Achilles Heel. The one genre I have so many feels for and opinions about. Do it wrong and I will be unforgiving. Do it right, like in this book, and I will sing your praises to the world.

The time and location are unusual for the genre but well researched. The anachronisms are explained away in story or later in the postscript. Daniel is the kind of Alpha Male I like. The kind that takes charge but isn’t condescending or bullying.

Aimee is realistic. She’s an idiot at times, but frankly so would anyone who was in her shoes. Modern day sensibilities don’t play well with the early 19th century. My one quibble is that a trained survivalist/hiker would never drink unboiled water except for in extreme emergencies (and this wasn’t it). Especially one who is a nurse. I don’t care if the water is free of pollution; waterborne parasites are a thing. Not to mention common illnesses like typhus, cholera, and legionnaire’s disease are all spread through contaminated water. Otherwise the story and characters were great. There was the right amount of angst and pining. Five stars.

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