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Book Review: Drive Me Wilde

Updated: May 17, 2020

Drive Me Wilde is the story of Tasha, who gets fired from her job as a journalist (due to evil credit-stealing coworkers) and applies for a job as a nanny to random plot device kid. Random plot device kid’s uncle and guardian, Matt, needs the help for…reasons I’ve forgotten. Of course, despite Tasha’s utter lack of skill/experience as a nanny, she keeps the job, and she and Matt fall in love.

And, perhaps more importantly, lust.

It’s one of those books you read if you like erotica, and if you’re reading for smut, it is definitely worth it.

With six sex scenes in 150 pages, it’s definitely teetering on that edge of romance and erotica - in my opinion, tipping toward the latter.

And the smut is great. It was well-written sex.

The rest of the book…

Well, it was okay.

The plot did wrap up and the bad guys got their comeuppance, so yay.

But on the other hand, a major part of the plot (particularly things going wrong) involved slut shaming, so boo. Just like… listen to your girlfriend, dude, and don’t shame her for having sex before you dated. Because, you know, women are allowed to do that.

Also, I honestly forget if the motorcycle that’s on the cover actually showed up in the book. Misleading cover much? On the plus side, the author is a woman of color and we like supporting women of color in romance.

So if you just want to read hot sex, get this book, but if not, I’d skip it.

Between the slut shaming and some grammar issues, I can only give it

Three Stars

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