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Book Review: Daywalker's Stone

Updated: May 21, 2020

I read Daywalker’s Stone a couple of months ago and liked it quite a lot.

It’s the story of Alex, a budding witch who doesn’t know she has magic, and her involuntary entry into a world with vampires and magic…and people who want to kill/capture her.

Let’s be honest, I like awesome female characters, and Alex truly was one.

She was an artist, a bartender, and just plain fun. I especially liked the descriptions of her getting into her art.

And the side characters were good too - both Lisette and Sam were excellent. And the witches too. And seriously, female friendships! Those are always win.

One thing that’s less normal for me is liking the male characters, because I have seriously high standards there. But I liked both Dom and Bronson.

And it was the rare unresolved love triangle that actually worked.

While the book did end with some unresolved tension (obviously meant to make you head for the rest of the series), I still felt satisfied. And isn’t that what you look for in a romance?

One thing I will give serious credit for is the portrayal of place. The author clearly knew Richmond, and she made it a character in its own way. I felt like I was there.

The book was a bit predictable, but I wanted to keep reading anyway. So that gets a plus.

What does not get a plus is the need for an editor, particularly a proofreader. There were a lot of random tense changes and slightly incorrect words, all of which could’ve been solved by getting even one editor. I enjoyed the book and recommend it, but if you can’t deal with reading a book that has errors, this is not the one for you.

In conclusion: good book, needed a proofreader.

Four stars.

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