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Book Review: Vicious

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

I almost didn’t review this book.

It was sent my way a long time ago as something special. Oh Vicious is something special, all right. It’s a special kind of mess. When I read it, it was stuffed to the gills with bonus books and content. It looks like now it’s less stuffed… except they’ve found a new way to game the system…

If you guessed this book was in Kindle Unlimited, you’d be right. So to say I’ve been sitting on this review because I didn’t want to give a book stuffer business would be accurate.

Now that it’s less stuffed I can rant in peace.

Because I will rant.

So what’s this book about?

Honestly, I’m not totally sure. And the summary wasn’t any help.

I think this book was about a police woman, Detective Treasure Hunt, who was assigned a case with a supernatural bent. Kind of like Anita Blake before the ardeur. Except for the book jumped around, wandered off on tangents, never really solved anything. And had lots of cringe-worthy sex… kind of like the Anita Blake books only worse.

This book sucked.

And not in the good hot vampire way.

It sucked so much so that I spent most of my time ranting about the heroine's name and wishing I was finished with it.

I mean who names their kid Treasure Hunt? And if you’re named Treasure Hunt, why would you keep that name if you ever wanted to be taken seriously?

This book would have really benefited from a book doctor or a content editor. While the grammar wasn’t horrible, that only highlighted the story’s problems. And because of those problems, I can only give this One star

If you want to torture yourself you can get it here.

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