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Book Review: The Guardian

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

I first read The Guardian when it was part of an anthology, but I reread it when it came out as an individual book - and it was worth the reread.

It’s the story of Phoebe, a divorced medical assistant, and her discovery of a mysterious graveyard…and the man who guards it.

Edward is straight out of a Revolutionary War film. His appearance, his speech…his manners. He was sweet, and kind, and older, and I kind of adore him.

As it’s a paranormal romance, we get some magic and ghosts in with our romance, along with some very interesting mythology about witches and shades and guardians of the dead. Plus a well-written fight scene.

Also, there is a dog. Who is adorable.

The sex was well-written too, but I liked the mythology and just…the buildup of the friendship and romance better.

Despite the short length, I felt satisfied. It is absolutely worth the price.

Therefore, it gets

Five stars

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