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Book Review: Desire Renewed

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

Desired Renewed was… a weird book. It’s primarily the story of Cassie, a sexually frustrated romance novelist, and her efforts to rekindle her relationship with her husband.

I really liked the examination of Cassie and Craig’s relationship, particularly how the knowledge that his wife was writing and publishing romance had affected their sex life. Also, how it affected Cassie’s other relationships. It was obvious the author had experience with dealing with that issue.

And if that had been all it was, I would’ve liked the book more.

The problem was, it wasn’t.

While Cassie and Craig were having their relationship issues (and reconciliation), Megan and Trevor were both babysitting Cassie and Craig’s kids and dealing with their own problems.

I felt like I was flipping back and forth, trying to pay attention to too much at once.

At an already short 35 pages, the author couldn’t cover both of these couples with enough depth - and frankly, Megan and Trevor never really came to a resolution. Even Cassie and Craig barely did. Which is…odd.

Now, there was some seriously hot sex.

So if you’re just reading for that (especially if you like the kinks described in the summary), then yeah, you should get this book.

But if you want actual resolution in your relationships, this is not a great book.

Therefore, I give it a mediocre

Three Stars

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