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Book Review: Yearning

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

I first read Yearning when it was part of an anthology, but it’s just as good on its own.

It’s the story of Ian, a hot but sweet guy who’s fixing up a house for sale, and Rachel, a lonely young woman who last occupied the house.

I say “last occupied” because Rachel happens to be a ghost.

The prose is evocative, and it takes you to almost a slow, dreamy place…but with interesting characters and well-written sex as well.

I found myself wondering how the characters would actually manage to get together, given Ian’s alive-ness and Rachel’s dead-ness, but the author makes it work.

I believed every bit of the romance, from their meeting to their figuring out how to make it work, and really what more can you ask for?

All in all, it was well worth the read.

Therefore, it gets a very satisfying

Five Stars

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