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Book Review: Mated to the Berserkers

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

I’m going to start this review with a pro-tip for authors.

If you want to put a book for free to encourage people to buy your other books in a series, don’t pick one that requires the reader to go back and buy the first book in order to understand it.

Because that’s what happened here. And it pissed me off.

So… I downloaded this book because it was free… and what did I get? Confusion!

Samuel and Deagan are brothers… kinda. I’m not really sure. There were some sexual vibes between them, but the author’s blurb identifies them as brothers. Maybe brothers in arms. I don’t know. Anyway, Samuel and Deagan have this new woman, their mate, that they like to fuck. They’re also werewolves. But a specific brand of werewolf known as berserkers. And things are perfect. And happy. And apparently she’s mute because… Reasons!

It didn’t really come up. It doesn’t matter anyway because she can talk with her mates with her mind. Or something. Again it wasn’t clear.

Do you sense a theme? Because there was a theme.

And if you guessed that theme was ambiguity, Ding-ding-ding. Give yourself a prize!

So here’s the thing. I like ménage romance. I bloody write ménage romance. It’s what we’re known for in our fanfiction life. But this was not good ménage romance.


Because I started in the wrong place. Which is not my fault; at the time of purchase, it was not listed as being part of a series. It is now. But the link to the series is hard to find and not in the title. Part of the fun of threesomes is how they get to that point. Part of the fun of shifter romance, is will the non-shifter accept the curse. All of that was apparently resolved in the first book.

Which meant in addition to my being confused as fuck, I was bored out of my skull.

First off there was little tension since apparently there was a previous book. Second there was too much info dump. Supposedly since this was a standalone, the author needed to fill in the readers. But the way they did that, was by essentially writing a fourth grade book report.

Even the sex was just there and boring. I made it to the 50% mark and then gave up.

Which you know what that means!!!

One Star!

You can get this on Amazon or KU.

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