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Book Review: Adam

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Adam is the story of Adam (so shocking) Farraday, a vet in a small town in Texas, and Meg O’Brien, who’s running from her (now ex) fiance.

It’s the classic love story: boy meets girl, boy rescues girl, girl slowly falls for boy, evil fiance returns, girl and boy defeat evil fiance, girl leaves, girl realizes she’s been in love with boy all along.

I picked this up at some point when it was advertised on BookBub and read it when I was looking for something romantic but not too long. It more than fit the bill – and it lived up to its promise.

I liked both of the main characters, which is good, considering I sometimes have issues with main male characters who are…more on the alpha end, shall we say. While Adam is decisive and protective of Meg, he’s not controlling or a jerk about it. Meg also fully participated in her own rescues, which is always a plus when it comes to main female characters. And both POVs were well-written and distinctive.

The author also did a good job of building up the town around them, from Adam’s brothers and coworkers to the shopkeepers to the little old ladies’ poker and gossip club.

The town was set up, the family was set up – it stood on its own, but also worked well as the first book in a series.

Be aware: this is a clean romance. Not religious, but clean.

While I do like smut, I also like pure romance, and it was a nice change to read a clean romance that wasn’t overly religious, where the relationship (and not either sex or God) stayed the focus. But be aware that if you only like romances with sex in them, this is not the book for you.

Ultimately it was good enough (and brought me into the universe enough) that I’ve just bought the sequel, so it gets a very nice

Five stars

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