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Book Review: Eight Secret Nights

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

What do you do when someone is leaving Hanukkah gifts outside of your door? Well, if you’re Mara Silver, Jewish transplant living in the big city, you hope it’s not the creep from 7A. After all, 7A is a creep. She’d much rather have it be the hottie down the hall, Evan. But that doesn’t seem likely. First off, Evan’s not Jewish. Second, he’s hot. Like super hot. And hot dudes typically overlook Mara… it’s not always their fault; she is short after all. But Evan being her secret admirer would be the perfect gift for Hanukkah. Now if only the Hanukkah Fairy would listen to her prayers.

Eight Secret Nights is the kind of Holiday novella I am here for. Mara’s a fun and unique heroine. Despite the novella length she feels real. Like she’s a person you can hang out and have latkes with. Evan is just the right amount of sweet. Secret admirer romances can often tip over into creepy, but this one never does. Probably because the author goes out of her way to point out the creep factor.

That’s important. Without it, this story could have slipped down a star because secret admirers are often just stalkers with the veneer of romance. But because it was acknowledged, dealt with, and resolved. It elevated the whole story.

I think that, more than anything, is why I like this. It plays with a problematic trope and makes it work. That takes talent.

Which is why I’m giving this…

Five Stars!

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