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Book Review: Christmas Love

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

Christmas Love is one of those books that definitely lives up to its name - because you can’t go wrong with Christmas and love, right?

It’s the story of Blake, who’s trying to avoid Christmas altogether, and Shelley, who loves Christmas but is too busy living up to the spirit of the season to celebrate. After all, what’s more Christmas-y than robbing from the rich to give to the poor? (Okay, that’s Robin-Hood-y, but whatever. Close enough.)

Of course, they’re stranded together, and we get all that that trope entails. With, you know, lots of sweetness.

I actually liked that the “suspense” part of the plot - whether Tyrone would find Shelley and either hurt her or steal his money back - was utterly irrelevant. Yeah, it’s less exciting, but it’s more true to life. And it’s more…I don’t know, sweet? It worked, anyway.

Major props for the spelling/grammar, by the way - I think I caught one error in the entire book, and as an editor and reader, I can state that that’s unusual for indie/self-published books.

I had a couple of quibbles: the whole bit about telling the owner that Shelley wasn’t pregnant went nowhere, which made it feel silly and unnecessary. Yeah, I get she doesn’t want to lie, and Blake needed to know the truth, but it felt sort of thrown in. The second is the description as romantic comedy - it’s not really funny enough to be a comedy. I’d just call it straight romance. Not that there’s anything wrong with straight romance, but please categorize correctly!

Still, neither of those is enough for me to lower my star rating, so I give this book:

Five stars

You can get Christmas Love here.

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