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Book Review: Time Travel Romance - Medieval Love: Reunited by Dagger Heart Spell

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Ever go into a book expecting one thing, but end up getting something else?


This is one of those books.

Elise is a high priced retrieval specialist… aka a Thief. She’s the kind of professional you need if you want to acquire something special… like say a centuries old dagger from an eccentric old mansion. Unfortunately, Elise should have known that a $2 million dollar payout meant that there were 2 million reasons not to take the job. Now she’s trapped with the dagger’s very sexy owner.

Time Travel Romance - Medieval Love: Reunited by Dagger Heart Spell by Nina Moon had potential. I really loved the beginning two chapters and Elise had such a great character voice that I could be in her head all day.

But that’s where the good ends.

First off, the title is way too long. And the description reads like Google metadata keywords… Which it totally is. And while this is a full and complete story, it felt rushed. Like the author didn’t know how to pace the story or got bored after the first two chapters and then hurried to the ending.

That’s where the second problem hit. Too much tell, not enough show. The middle to last half of the book was infodump central.

So much infodump. It felt like I was reading a summary of the story as told by a seven year old. The plot meandered all over the place while at the same time managed to hit enough clichés to get a bingo.

Worse, the hero was both unlikable and forgettable. Kind of like a generic alpha hero asshole with just enough Lestat overtones to feel derivative.

Also as is far too common, the book could also use a stronger proofreader. I found too many errors including wrong words and missing words. In a novella, there should be a max of 1 error every 10 pages. There was more like 10 errors for every one page.


Then we get to the most disappointing aspect of this book - It wasn’t a time travel romance. It says on the cover and in the title it’s time travel. It’s not. It’s a reincarnation romance. Which in and of itself isn’t bad, but it’s not time travel. Time travel features a person actually going backwards or forwards in time, not having flashbacks to a previous life. It’s paranormal. It’s fantasy. It’s not time travel. It also claims to be a medieval romance… but the entire book other than the random flashback takes place in the present time. The thing is, I wanted to like this book more. I liked Elise. I loved the first two chapters.

But because of all of the issues, I have to give this…

One Star.

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