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Book Review: The Vampire's Mail Order Bride

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

I picked up The Vampire’s Mail Order Bride when Halloween was coming up and I wanted something paranormal – and it delivered.

With vampires, witches, and werewolves (oh my!), the town of Nocturne Falls is truly Halloween all year round. And Delaney ends up there entirely by accident. After witnessing her boss involved in a mafia hit, she realizes she has to run far far away – and ends up taking someone else’s place as a mail-order-bride for a vampire. Though she doesn’t realize he’s a vampire. Or that the rest of the supernatural is real.

I really liked Delaney, especially her habit of coming up with dessert-related facts whenever she was nervous. It was a fun quirk and one I hadn’t seen before. Also, her dog was definitely awesome.

I also liked Hugh, who pretty much exemplified the broody vampire type who had never gotten over the loss of his wife despite it being centuries before. It did feel fast when he got over her, but I was okay with it because the process had clearly been going on since her death, he just hadn’t been ready to let go. His family and friends were also quite interesting.

The thing I liked least was Hugh’s ex. Piper exemplified jealous shrew and pretty much existed as a deus ex machina in order to tell Delaney about Hugh…and then promptly disappeared with no actual repercussions despite clearly being jealous and willing to act on it. And looking at the series, ten books later she doesn’t have her own book, which means no redemption. That annoyed me.

Ultimately it was a good book, but the jealous ex issue and my lack of interest in buying the other books in the series knocks it down to

Four Stars

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