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Book Review: License to Date

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

I picked up License to Date expecting a quick fun read, and I got exactly what I wanted: a sweet but fun romance with great characters.

I loved that it was part of a larger universe but I didn’t have to read the other books to get this one, though I do think knowing more about the previous characters probably would have helped in the long run.

I really liked Kaitlin, who’d just gotten out of a bad relationship with a jerk. She knew what she wanted – to get her house finished and do well in things other than relationships – but sometimes life interferes.

Or friends. I liked her friends in general, but they were a bit…coercive to push her into dating the way they did. I think they truly did have her best interests at heart at least – while they insisted she get out there and date, if nothing came of the dates, they weren’t going to push more.

Also, Kaitlin’s sister was awesome. I really liked Mel.

As for our MMC, Paul was also fun. A “bartender” who was much more than he seemed, he and Kaitlin had chemistry from the start.

Unfortunately, while he had good motives in hiding his true name/family from Kaitlin, the “hiding you’re the boss” trope is never one of my favorites… and Paul really and truly bungled the reveal. Like I was sitting there staring at this book going “Oh my God can you be more of an idiot?”

Honestly it felt remarkably like that gif – “I’m in control, I’m in control… oh shit I’m not at all in control.”

The “too stupid to live” bugged me enough that I have to knock this book down a star. (Though I will give the author credit for making the hero the one who was stupid rather than the heroine.)

So even though I liked a lot of the book, I had enough annoyances that ultimately it gets

Four Stars

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