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Book Review: On His Terms

Updated: May 15, 2021

BDSM isn’t for everyone, and Chelsea isn’t sure it’s for her. But if she wants to land a lucrative client for her firm, she’s going to need to learn, and fast. Enter Master Alexander. He’s a trainer, and he knows the score. He agrees to train Chelsea expecting her to give up when she learns that BDSM isn’t for her. But he never expected to find himself falling for her. Or for her to be comfortable doing things on his terms.

Yes, I title dropped… I couldn’t resist.

I’d previously read the first book in this series, and when I was looking for a little kink I decided why not. Let’s try the second.

So this is one of those where I had to firmly put my suspension of disbelief on a shelf in a closet and throw away the key. The premise – that Chelsea needs to learn BDSM in order to land a lucrative client – is laughable. I mean I’ve totally had to go into negotiations with various trump cards (including what they’d been paid before). But I’ve never needed to go into what is arguably the bedroom in order to secure a client/contract.

It’s also problematic.

I’m just saying…

So that aside, I mostly enjoyed the book. I liked both of the main characters in this book a lot. I liked how Chelsea never lost her agency while Alexander respected her abilities and intelligence. The side characters are always great. I adore Damian.

The depiction of BDSM was good. The sex was hot. Like Death Valley levels of hot.

My other quibble, which is something I have to deal with considering, is that the author seems to forget that people from Colorado don’t use Britishisms. I mean, I do kinda, and I’m from Colorado, but not everyone has spent eons immersed in Harry Potter and BBC America. But I’ve never called the trunk of my car a boot, an elevator a lift, or my mother Mum. So there’s lines. Which considering that the author ostensibly grew up in Colorado, you’d think she’d know better.

But that’s a quibble, not a full on rant.

So if you’re looking for pure smut, which let’s be clear sometimes is really all you want. This book isn’t a bad choice.

But because of the shaky and problematic premise, I can only give this:

Four Stars

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