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Book Review: The Mischievous Maids of Master Marius

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

The Mischievous Maids of Master Marius is the debut flash fiction erotica anthology from Ruby Marley, and it definitely lives up to the erotica. Set in a French Manor, the collection follows Marius as he goes through his day interacting with each of his maids.

While that could be seen as skeevy or predatory, it isn’t. The anthology is bookended by a set of contracts that show that the maids and Marius know what they’re getting into and that they each have rights and responsibilities. It turns this very common BDSM trope on its head and makes it a lot more consensual.

Each maid’s story is short, about 1000 words long, so this is a very quick read. Or, if you’re like me, it’s something quick and erotic before bed. LOL I did have my favorites, though. I particularly liked The Bitch, The Introvert, The Seductress, and The Dominatrix. The last really turns the whole story collection on its head. I loved the twist.

There is a rhythm to the stories, which works for what this is. There are certain beats and phrases which are repeated, but it doesn’t make it boring. Each sex scene is unique, which if you know anything about writing smut is really bloody hard to do, and the characters are fleshed out and real despite not having names or much of a description. This is the kind of story where the reader could envision themselves as each maid, and it worked.

I do need to be honest. Rose and I did the editing for this story. But as any editor can tell you, the stories that we edit we don’t always feel comfortable recommending

This one I do.

If you like quick, sexy reads, then this collection is for you!

Five Stars

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