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Book Review: Her Fake Island Wedding

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

It should surprise nobody at all that after enjoying Finding Cory and The Reluctant Billionaire, both by @caitlynlynch, that I picked up the third book in her Island Escapes Series – Her Fake Island Wedding.

It’s the story of Lucy, a marine biologist working on Sunfish Island, who has an upcoming visit from her absolutely impossible completely overbearing mother… and how she and her friends decide to pull the rug out from under her condescending remarks about Lucy’s love life by providing a fake fiance and a fake wedding.

Bryce, the (younger) dive instructor at the resort, volunteers to be said fiance/husband, and everything goes forward from there.

Bryce was a true beta hero, in the good way – willing to let Lucy take the lead, happy to be in an equal relationship, all that fun stuff that honestly is what I like in my heroes. The times he did act alpha, it was towards others – primarily Lucy’s mother, who was, shall we say, a problem child.

Yeah, uh, that quote is…fitting.

And Lucy was lovely, with her very real issues with her mother and how she was trying to find her own way as far from her mother as possible. I liked each of them individually, and I really liked them as a couple – particularly watching them grow to love each other and actually fall in love.

It was nice to see some of the old favorites from the other books again, albeit in side roles. These books have a great cast of characters and a great setting, and this one slotted in quite nicely.

Ultimately, I can’t give this book anything but

Five Stars

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