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Book Review: A Demon and His Witch

Ysabel is cursed. Literally. Burned at the stake centuries ago she sold her soul to the devil to get revenge on those who wronged her… She should have read the fine print. Now working as Lucifer's assistant, the worst possible thing has happened… The souls she damned to hell have escaped, and she needs to get them back. Unfortunately she has help in the form of the sexy half demon, Remy. Her panties and her life will never be the same again.

Paranormal can be an interesting bag. There’s often a few constants: werewolves are going to have pack dynamics, ghost romances are angsty, time travel has to deal with the logistics and contain “the big reveal,” and demonic romances are going to have characters without a conscience. But just because they have formulas or conventions doesn’t mean they aren’t fun.

Take A Demon and His Witch by Eve Langlais. It’s a great quick read with high stakes, great characters, and lots of great lines.  It also desperately needs trigger warnings because not everyone is familiar with the conventions of this subgenre. 


I meant it when the demonic romances have characters without consciences or cares about being decent humans. You’re going to run into things like sexual harassment, sexism, misogyny, alpha assholes and it’s expected. Demons are good. They don’t care about laws, or decency, or humanity. So for those people like me who have trauma related sexual assault, stalking, and sexual harassment I think it’s important you know what you’re getting into…

A well written character driven story, but with characters who are demons, evil, and completely without conscience. It works for who they are – literal demons, damned souls, and the King of Hell. But there are still some parts that are potentially triggering. The hero continues his seduction even after the heroine says no. Specifically when the hero uses sexual coercion to force a confession out of the heroine. I had serious issues with that to the point of having to put the book down and go away for a few weeks.  I don’t do sexual coercion well.

The story itself is fun, and the epilogue is absolutely necessary. Otherwise I would be knocking it down another star for the ending. But the epilogue saves it because it shifts the thrust of the plot… See what I did there?

There are a few grammar errors… Mostly relating to commas before a coordinating conjunction. But nothing I would knock down a star. A lot of people forget about them and some publishing houses don’t like them. Yes, most publishers have in house rules.

I waffled for a long time on what to rate this. Despite being triggered, I enjoyed the story, so I’m not dinging it for that. What I am dinging it for is the slow beginning, and the trope that the hero always knows what’s best for the heroine. I accept it in historical romance to a point (it’s still not a fave but I can deal with it better), but in contemporary specifically paranormal contemporary with several kick ass female characters it is harder to swallow.

So because of that I give this…

Four stars

If this is your jam, you like hot demonic action you can get it here.

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