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Book Review: A Match Made in Olympus

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Sometimes you just want a fun erotic Valentine-themed short – and A Match Made in Olympus lives up to that.

It’s the story of Kaitlin, who just found out she was cheated on by her asshole of a boyfriend, and Eros. Yes, that Eros. He’s taking Valentine’s Day off (after all, what kind of man likes being depicted as a cherub with wings – suffice it to say it’s not his favorite holiday) when he runs into Kaitlin.

Of course, just because he’s taking the day off doesn’t mean his mother is. And Aphrodite definitely wants her son to find the perfect girl.

So of course they end up trapped together in a cabin in the middle of nowhere…with only one bed.

And, well, it goes from there.

One thing I can absolutely say: the chemistry is palpable.

The flirting was excellent, and I absolutely believed Kaitlin and Eros wanted each other, liked each other, and could build a future together.

Also, the smut was hot. Like seriously hot. Like “I need a cigarette” hot.

All in all, I very much enjoyed it, and it was absolutely worth a read!

Five easy stars

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